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Welcome to Help School Building in Guatemala. The primary aim of is to help raise the £13,000 (US $20839) needed to construct a new school for the community of Laguna Seca. At the current exchange rate, this figure is sufficient to build a brand new school of three classrooms, toilets/washroom and a kitchen. Any money left over would be spent on desks, chairs and whiteboards, other school resources or schools. Mike has been working in Guatemala since the early 1980's and has been set up to continue funding for this work.

the teacher and the children all care deeply about their community, and are anxious to improve themselves any way they can

Mike Shawcross OBE

If you wish to donate in the UK, you can make a cheque payable to and send it to:

Dennis Wheeler
PO Box 66147,
Miami Springs,
Florida 33166,
United States

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