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ABOUT... has been set up by Mike Shawcross OBE and Scott Mitchell. Mike has lived in Guatemala for many years and has been instrumental in the construction of many fresh water sytems, schools and bridge building projects in various parts of the country.

Scott met Mike in 1990 while he was traveling in the region and stopped in Guatemala to study Spanish. Mike was running his aid programme, SAPHI (Shawcross Aid Programme for Highland Indians) and, having been in the building trade for some years, Scott decided to offer his services. Soon Scott was living in a palm thatched hut with an earth floor up in the mountains of the Ixil Triangle, working with other volunteers and villagers on the construction of a fresh water system and a new but simple village school.

Since then, Mike has completed many building projects to help the people rebuild their communities and Scott has returned many times to Guatemala, drawn back by his fascination with this uniquely beautiful and diverse country.

the teacher and the children all care deeply about their community, and are anxious to improve themselves any way they can

Mike Shawcross OBE

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